Painting by Stephanie McMillan

Inspired by the wise and powerful keystone species of the Arctic, Polar Bear Wins is a media production organization based in Tio’tià:ke (Montreal). We generate stories that inspirit people to shake off their inhibitions and apathy, and to boldly act for positive change. Only together—in action—can we heave civilization and the environment back as they lurch past their tipping points.


Some of the most recent estimates say there are only about 23,000 polar bears left in the wild today. They are the largest land carnivores on the planet, and surprisingly, they are actually black in colour—their translucent fur only appears white since it reflects visible light. Under all that thick fur, their skin is jet-black. With only 23,000 of them compared to us 8,000,000,000 humans, you’d think we’d care about their habitat and well-being a tad more.